a feature film

cast & team

Written/Directed by Olivia Lilley

Cinematography by Greg Stephen Reigh

Production Design by Nina D'Angier

Costume Design by Anna Wooden

Produced by Sam George

Associate Produced by Harley Foos & Caitlin Shantz

Presented by Luna Mojo & Pop Magic Productions


Electra Tremulis as Sara

Mary Kate Young as Amanda

Jojo Brown as Molly

Vic Kuligoski as Felix

Alec Phan as Lucifer

Cameron Roberts as Roger

Nico Fernandez as Tyler

Ashlea Woodley as Gwen

Chelsea Turner as Lucy II

The Snowpeople Pitchdeck shoot; Still by Greg Stephen Reigh, Olivia Lilley, Anna Wooden, & Nina D'Angier

logline & synopsis


After two years on the road, runaway crust punk Sara returns to Chicago to confront the circle of friends she abandoned when her crush was outed as a rapist.  


In 2013, Sara’s DIY house burned down and her crush was outed as a rapist.  

Two years later, she returns to Chicago to confront the friends she abandoned. When another tragedy occurs, Sara will stop at nothing to save everyone from their devastating cycle of violence, silence, and gas lighting.

Research, Logan Square

Photos by Greg Stephen Reigh & Olivia Lilley

director's statement

When horrific crimes like sexual assault and domestic abuse happen in our communities, the repercussions are never easy or clear-cut. Not only was a victim and a perpetrator involved but also everybody around them is guilty of enabling these things to take place. “The Snowpeople” takes a deep, hard look at what happens when people try to move on without first being willing to look at themselves and how they are responsible. In our story, after running the hell away for two years, Sara comes back to face the friends she abandoned and the crush she has not gotten over who is a rapist. We also follow Amanda, the survivor, who gets swept up in this same group of friends’ shenanigans when she chooses to be a support system for fellow survivor and member of the group, Roger. This is a story I absolutely have to tell because when we see these issues portrayed on screen, the situations are simplified and made to be digestible. There are always clear villains and heroes. The reality could not be further from the truth. “The Snowpeople” is a film that dares to portray characters who mean well but don’t always do the right thing. Rather than allowing us to turn on them, this story asks us to sit in that uncomfortable space with them, feeling our allegiances shift and change. In a time where there are numerous public statements in which friends of perpetrators admit they were wrong and years long restorative justice practices go down the drain in a single night, as a society, we have to go a step backwards and take a closer look at how we got here, if we really want to figure out what real lasting change looks like.

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