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a feature film

cast & team

Written/Directed by Olivia Lilley

Assistant Directed by Laura Day

Production Design by Nina D'Angier

Costume Design by Anna Wooden


Electra Tremulis as Sara

Vero Maynez as Amanda

Jojo Brown as Molly

Vic Kuligoski as Felix

Alec Phan as Lucifer

Nico Fernandez as Tyler

Ashlea Woodley as Gwen

Chelsea Turner as Lucy II

The Snowpeople Pitchdeck shoot; Still by Greg Stephen Reigh, Olivia Lilley, Anna Wooden, & Nina D'Angier

logline & synopsis


When a tormented crust punk instigates a reunion of her old group of friends, one of them is found dead, and the rest are forced to reckon with how they're all complicit.  


Research, Logan Square

Photos by Greg Stephen Reigh & Olivia Lilley

director's statement

When horrific crimes like sexual assault and domestic abuse happen in our communities, the repercussions are never easy or clear-cut. THE SNOWPEOPLE takes a hard look at what happens when people move on without first looking at how they are complicit. In a time where there are numerous public statements in which friends of perpetrators admit they were wrong and years-long restorative justice practices go down the drain in a singe night, we, as a society, have to understand the past if we want real lasting change. 

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