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My creative journey has been an exciting mix of directing, screenwriting, playwriting, devising, and producing while coming up in the vibrant DIY and storefront theatre scenes of Chicago. 

Currently, I'm fully immersed in developing a diverse range of feature narrative and documentary films in collaboration with my creative partner, filmmaker and producer Tiffany Weisberg. But my creative interests don't stop there: I’m about to launch a new podcast called, "The Future of Arts in America: A New Models Podcast" where I interview artists and producers about the new ways they've been working on this side of the pandemic.

In the realm of media production, I take charge of projects at Full Bars Media, and one of our notable creations is the popular show "Coffee is for Closers." I'm particularly proud of my role as the founding Artistic Director of The Runaways Lab Theatre, which was honored as the Best New Theatre Company in the Chicago Reader's Best of 2014 awards. Additionally, I had the privilege of serving as the Artistic Director of Prop Thtr from 2018 to 2023, leaving my mark on the local arts scene.

I find joy in sharing my knowledge and passion as a teacher for Humboldt Park Film Skool, DePaul's School of Cinematic Arts, and The Playwright's Center. My educational background reflects the breadth of my creative pursuits. I sharpened my directing skills at the prestigious Carnegie Mellon School of Drama, while my love for music composition found a home at the Interlochen Arts Academy.

To deepen my expertise, I pursued an MFA in Screenwriting from The University of Nebraska at Omaha. In my free time, I train MMA with professional fighter, Siron Harrison.

Throughout my career, I've come to embody versatility, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to both my craft and the broader artistic community. It's a journey I cherish and one that continues to evolve with every new endeavor.

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